Superbly Nutritious Vegetable Soup for Any Pot

Now that you have broth, what shall you do with it? May I suggest this superbly sulfurous soup? It is a perfect cook-ahead soup to either chill or freeze. This is a great soup for families trying to find Paleo compliant meals for different appetites.

Yields: Amount depends on how it is packaged. In 3-4 cup servings, you will have between 7 and 10 servings. If you reduce the amount of ingredients, the yield will decrease as well.

Prep Time: 1 hour

Cook Time: 2-3 hours at simmer

Special Equipment: 10-12 quart stockpot

Note: To make this soup in a 6 quart crockpot, simply divide amounts below by half and cook on low for 6-8 hours

12 loose, mixed cups of sulfurous leafy greens such as collards, kale, chard, or mustard greens 4 tightly packed cups broccoli florets, cut into spoon-sized pieces
4 tight packed cups of cauliflower florets, cut into spoon sized pieces 4 tightly packed cups red or green cabbage, shredded
4 tightly packed cups of onions, diced
½ cup minced shallots
3 cans diced tomatoes (omit tomato ingredients if you aren’t tolerant or substitute )
3 cans tomato sauce
2 cans tomato paste
12 cups beef or chicken broth (suggest matching broth to the type of meat used, but not necessary. You can also substitute vegetable broth to make this vegan)
2 pounds meat such as browned hamburger, cooked and chopped chicken, or cooked, chopped, or pulled beef roast
1 medium head garlic, minced
3 TBSP seasoning*
Salt and pepper to taste

1. Add leafy greens, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, onions, and shallots to stockpot.
2. Add diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, tomato paste, and shallots.
3. Add meat, broth, half the garlic, and half the seasoning.
4. Stir contents of stockpot until well mixed. Add water until the ingredients are covered by two to three inches of liquid.
5. Bring stockpot to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer with stockpot covered for two hours. Stir periodically as needed.
6. Keep an eye on the liquid level. Some of the liquid will be absorbed by the ingredients. Add more water or broth if needed.
7. At one hour of cooking time, add remaining half of garlic and 2 ½ TBSP of the seasoning.
8. After two hours of cooking, taste vegetables to check for doneness. The cauliflower and the broccoli take the longest time to cook. If the vegetables are not yet done to your preference, continue simmering until vegetables are at the desired level of tenderness.
9. Add remaining ½ TBSP of seasoning, salt, and pepper, stirring well.
Note: if you plan to serve everything now, you may skip the following steps.
10. Allow soup to cool in refrigerator.
11. Use four cup-sized plastic BPA-free containers to store this soup. Ladle three cups of the sulfurous veggies into a measuring cup, returning any excess liquid or meat to the pot. Add one cup of the broth mixture. Fill containers and seal.
12. Freeze containers.

*About seasonings:
Use your favorite seasonings for this soup: Italian seasoning, herbs de Provence, curry powder, mixed herbs, Greek seasoning, harissa, lemon pepper, taco seasoning, or Indian-inspired spices. Use spices that make you and your family feel loved. You can also add the salt and pepper now but leave out the seasoning entirely until you are ready to serve the soup. This helps keep the soup interesting and satisfies different palates in the same family. When you are ready to reheat the soup, add a ½ to 1 tsp of seasoning (or more, depending on preference) per four cup container of the seasoning that you prefer that day. Mixing up the seasonings, I rarely get bored with the soup even after eating it for multiple consecutive days. Salsa is also an excellent ad hoc addition to the soup.

Note for Wahls Protocol followers:
Assuming you portion out the liquid equally among the containers, one container of this soup will satisfy the daily requirement of three cups of sulfurous vegetables for the Wahls Protocol. To portion the soup, use a four-cup container. Stir the soup, then scoop out 3 cups of vegetables without broth. Add to your container. Next, add 1 cup of just the broth.

If you eat less than three cups of sulfurous vegetables per day, or wish to have less than three cups of cooked sulfurous veggies in one sitting, you will have more containers of soup. Assuming you eat three cups of sulfurous vegetables per day, you will have between seven to ten containers to freeze depending on the type of sulfurous leafy greens chosen. Soup may be stored in glass jars, BPA-free plastic containers, or BPA-free Ziploc freezer bags.


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